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Light Bridge as Part of con_con: constructed connections Festival

08.05.2004, Friedrichsbrücke, Museum Island, Berlin-Mitte | With the support of the Ernst Schering Foundation, the art project "Light Bridge" opened on May 8 on the Friedrichsbrücke to the Museum Island as part of the "con_con: constructed connections" festival. The "Light Bridge" by artist Mischa Kuball and architects Riken Yamamoto and Beda Faessler reflected on the urban significance of bridges through an optical immaterialization. A video projection of flowing water onto the Friedrichsbrücke near the Old National Gallery changed the physical appearance of the bridge so that there seemed to be a water stream instead of the actual pedestrian path. Due to the heavily flickering projection, the footpath lost its contours. The legs of the pedestrians were visually submerged in the water.

The idea of the "Light Bridge" puts the term "to build bridges" in a broader context. It illuminated not only the connective qualities of a bridge, but also reflected on suspension, transition, separation and ultimately on the precariousness inherent in bridges, which need to be overcome to really build bridges.

The interdisciplinary exhibition project "con_con: constructed connections" aimed to revive the existing bridges in Berlin and to build new bridges. The title of the festival also referred to the communicative interaction that results from the connection between two poles. Thus, "con_con" was meant to be a platform for the discussion of the meaning and function of bridges - both in the architectural and sociological sense of the word. As part of the festival, four projects by international artists, architects and engineers were realized along the Spree river.

Opening of the festival:
May 8, 2004, 6:30 p.m.
Spreebrücke Bathing Ship, Kulturarena, Eichenstraße 4, 12435 Berlin-Treptow

Opening of the "Light Bridge" project:
May 8, 2004, after sunset

Friedrichsbrücke, Museum Island, Berlin-Mitte
performed daily after sunset, until June 3, 2004.


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