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Focus on: Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Life (1927-1932)

26.04.2007, Städel Museum, Frankfurt am Main | Measuring just about three by three meters, "Life" is the largest tapestry of the German expressionist artist Ernst Ludwig Kirchner—and the richest in motifs. Against the background of the simple rural life in the Swiss mountains, Kirchner formulated the motif of a world design by contrasting city and country people, thus introducing biographical aspects into his work.

April 26–September 9, 2007

Commissioned by the collector and art patron Carl Hagemann, the tapestry was hand-woven by Lise Gujer based on Kirchner's designs. The exhibition puts the focus on this outstanding work of Kirchner and retraces the commission, the development of the work of art, the creative process and how it ended up in the collection of the Städel Museum in 1966.

Curator: Dr. Eva Mongi-Vollmer



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