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The Heart and the Chip - Stage Performance by Paul Granjon

07.04.2006, Sophiensæle, Berlin | Paul Granjon is an artist working predominantly with electronic and technical materials, whose narrative performances are increasingly designed as stage plays. He is interested in the development of humans and machines. The focus of "The Heart and the Chip" is on "Sexed Robots," which Granjon designed for the Venice Biennale 2005 and now presents in a newly arranged and revised program.

In an amusing and entertaining, yet also critical way, Paul Granjon shows the useless side of the technological world, mirrored against human development. His mode of presentation is a novelty for the stage.

The production is one of the first of a total of eight productions that are created as part of "Telling Time," an international artist-in-residence program supported by the Ernst Schering Foundation and the Federal Cultural Foundation (Bundeskulturstiftung). In this program for young theater artists, productions are from the beginning planned as international co-productions and offered to network partners. What the artistic approaches in this program have in common is a substantially aesthetic examination of the telling of (hi)story on the theater stage.

A production of Paul Granjon, co-produced with Sophiensæle, Arnolfini Bristol and Le Lieu, Centre en Art Actuel, Québec, with the support of the Ernst Schering Foundation.

April 7, 8 and 9, 2006, 9:30 p.m.

Sophiensæle, Festsaal
Sophienstraße 18
10178 Berlin

Additional Information:

13 euro (discounted tickets: 8 euro)
Available by phone: +49 30 28352-66


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