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Thorsten Brinkmann

Art Award 2007 Nominee

Born in 1969 in Herne, lives and works in Hamburg

For his sculptures and installations, Thorsten Brinkmann assembles everyday objects into new, unexpected constellations. The source material of his works is the things sorted out and thrown away in our industrialized consumer society. He is interested in the things themselves, in their formal qualities and in their history that can be read through traces of use.

  • 1991–94 Worked as Photography Assistant
  • 1994–97 Studied Visual Communications at the Kassel Academy of Art
  • 1997–2002 Studied Art at the Hamburg Academy of Arts
  • 2002–04 Graduate Study with Franz Erhard Walther at the Hamburg Academy of Arts

Stipends and Honors (Selection)

  • 1999 Dietze Foundation Scholarship for Gifted Students, Hamburg Academy of Fine Arts
  • 2006 Work Stipend 2006 of the City of Hamburg

Solo and Group Exhibitions (Selection)

  • 2003 Aussenlager, Trottoir Art Gallery, Hamburg (S) - Volle Ladung / Halbe Halde, Acht P Art Gallery, Bonn (S) - 4. OG, Alsterhaus, Hamburg
  • 2004 Spielfeld, Feld für Kunst, Hamburg - Index 04, Kunsthaus Hamburg, Hamburg
  • 2005 Artfinder Gallery, Hamburg (S) - Pilot: 2, London
  • 2006 Alle hat kein Ende, Kunstagenten Contemporary Art Gallery, Berlin (S) - Salon, White Trash Contemporary Art Gallery, Hamburg (S) - GruppeSpatial Shift, Museum of Urban Sculpture, St. Petersburg - Preview Berlin, Kunstagenten Contemporary Art Gallery, Berlin
  • 2007 Kunstagenten Contemporary Art Gallery, Berlin (S)

S = Solo Exhibition


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