Philipp Lachenmann: DELPHI Rationale


Thomas Dillmann

Art Award 2005 Nominee

Thomas Dillmann In his work, Thomas Dillmann creates carefully composed, complex landscapes of mostly wide horizons, but also partial images of groups of buildings. Although his landscapes seem almost photorealistic, they refuse to be grasped. The paintings, which frequently appear to be shrouded in fog and are devoid of any human life, cause a feeling of unease in spite of their superficial "beauty." Reduced to their basic structure, the painstakingly composed paintings ask where and how human life was or will be able to take shape in these worlds.

  • born in 1968 in Limburg/Lahn
  • 1988–1999 Hanover University of Applied Sciences and Arts (Liberal Arts), Diploma/Master Class Student of Ulrich Baehr


  • 2002  Annual Stipend of the State of Lower Saxony
  • 2003  Stipend of the City of Stuhr

Solo and Group Exhibitions (Selection)

  • 1999   Lokalzeit, 1st Biennial of Lower Saxony, Kunstverein Hanover
  • 2000   Landschaften, Kunstverein Wolfenbüttel (S) – Meisterschüler 2000, Nord/LB ART, Hanover, and KUBUS Städtische Galerie, Hanover
  • 2002   Bilder vom Rand der Städte, Kunstraum Steinhude, Wunstdorf-Steinhude (S) – Hammelsprung, Parliament of the State of Lower Saxony, Hanover – Ein Treppenhaus für die Kunst VII, Ministry of Science and Culture of the State of Lower Saxony – Perspektiven, 81st Fall Exhibition, Kunstverein Hanover
  • 2003   Klassentreffen, KUBUS Städtische Galerie, Hanover, and Galerie vom Glück und vom Zufall – Die Romantikfalle–Landschaft zwischen Wirklichkeit und Konstruktion, Robert Drees Gallery, Hanover – Das UnHEIMliche in der zeitgenössischen Malerei, Städtische Galerie Delmenhorst
  • 2004   Realismus? - Landschaft zwischen Wirklichkeit und Konstruktion, Kunstraum Hüll – Förderpreis Junge Kunst, Traveling Exhibition, Saarland Museum, Saarbrücken / TUFA, Trier / Kunstverein, Ludwigshafen – Peripherie, Niedersächsische Künstlerstätte, Stuhr/Heiligenrode (S) – 15 Jahre Galerie Schlehn, Schlehn Gallery, Neustadt – fifty-fifty, Kunst im Brinkmannhaus, Osnabrück – Salon Salder, Städtisches Museum Schloss Salder, Salzgitter-Salder – Panorama, 82nd Fall Exhibition, Kunstverein Hanover

S = Solo Exhibition


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