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Activities in the Field of Science

In the field of science, the Ernst Schering Foundation focuses its activities on the life- and natural sciences.

Every year, it awards the €50,000 Ernst Schering Prize to internationally renowned scientists for outstanding basic research in the fields of biology, medicine or chemistry.

Through a variety of programs, the Ernst Schering Foundation also supports young scientists: It gives fellowships to talented young scientists and awards several prizes for young scientists in recognition of outstanding accomplishments. To foster networking among renowned scientists and younger academics, the Foundation supports science lectures in leading research and teaching institutions. Its further education program Young Leaders in Science provides the necessary management qualifications to young scientists who take on their first leadership positions.

In addition, the Ernst Schering Foundation organizes and supports scientific symposia and lecture series on selected science topics as well as panel discussions, lectures and forums that promote the dialogue between science and society.

Since 2005, the Foundation has also devoted itself to the interface of science and art. In addition to supporting selected projects in this field, it launched the “Forum on Science and Art,” which brings together scientists and artists, once or twice a year, to discuss concrete interdisciplinary questions. The Forum examines the different methodologies, languages and objectives of science and art and uses specific artistic positions or scientific topics to stimulate the dialogue between the disciplines.

Ernst Schering Preis - Prof. Bertozzi


Stipendiaten der Schering Stiftung


Trust in Science - David Coles


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