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Activities in the Field of Arts and Culture

In arts and culture, the Ernst Schering Foundation supports the contemporary visual arts, dance and theater as well as contemporary classical music. A particular focus is on artists and projects that explore unfamiliar territory as well as on the dialogue between artistic disciplines, between art and science, but also between the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Our cultural programs aim to expand the view beyond the boundaries of one’s own discipline and provide creative ideas and inspiration to society.

For an overview of the projects supported by the Foundation since its establishment, please click here.

In addition to funding projects upon application, one of our main areas is the promotion of the contemporary visual arts. The Ernst Schering Foundation supports outstanding artists by awarding the Schering Stiftung Art Award and acquiring works of art for its art collection at Kupferstichkabinett (Museum of Prints and Drawings), Berlin.

Since 2005, the Ernst Schering Foundation moreover has dedicated itself to the interface of science and art. In addition to supporting selected projects in this field, it launched the "Forum on Science and Art," which brings together scientists and artists, once or twice a year, to discuss concrete interdisciplinary questions. The Forum examines the different methodologies, languages and objectives of science and art and uses specific artistic positions or scientific topics to stimulate the dialogue between the disciplines.

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