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Aims and Objectives

The Ernst Schering Foundation aims to promote science and art. Our work is guided by the following four objectives:

Presenting Role Models

The Ernst Schering Foundation awards prizes to people who have made pioneering or significant contributions to science or art, with the goal of preserving and making visible their ground-breaking works.

Ernst Schering Preisträgerin Prof. Bertozzi

Crossing Boundaries

One focus of the Ernst Schering Foundation is on promoting interdisciplinary projects, in particular at the interface of science and art, with the goal of broadening horizons. The Foundation organizes discussions and symposia and supports interdisciplinary projects. It thus creates innovation and provides creative inspiration to society.

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Investing in the Future

Our future is in the minds of young people. Therefore, the Foundation supports particularly talented young scientists and artists, awards prizes for their work and encourages them to take a leading role in society.

Monika Sosnowska

Generating Enthusiasm for Science and Art

The Ernst Schering Foundation is active in the fields of cultural outreach, science communication, and the dialogue between science and society. It introduces children and youth to scientific and cultural issues and contributes to improving science education in schools. In addition, it supports the intercultural dialogue and new ways of integrating disadvantaged children and young people.

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