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Doctoral Fellowships

From 2003 until September 2012 the Ernst Schering Foundation supported outstanding young scientists who conducted basic research in human-biology, medicine or bio-organic chemistry. Every year, it awarded a total of 7 fellowships to doctoral students who wanted to carry out research projects at prestigious institutes either at home or abroad. By awarding the fellowships, the Ernst Schering Foundation has acknowledged the past accomplishments of the young scientists and has supported them in their future careers.

The fellowships were awarded for a two-year period. The fellowship amount was 1.300,00 EUR/month plus allowances.

Due to a stronger focus on "Germany Scholarships" (Deutschlandstipendien) and on projects at the interface of various scientific fields or the interface of science and arts, applications for doctoral fellowships can not be accepted any more.

Stipendiatin Sabine Rauth


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