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Five Modules to Success: Young Leaders in Science 2018/2019

Scientists today are increasingly confronted with management tasks, in addition to their research and teaching responsibilities. The necessary basics, however, are not taught as part of their university curriculum. To fill this gap, the Ernst Schering Foundation, in cooperation with the Center for Science & Research Management in Speyer, has developed the Young Leaders in Science training program.

Young Leaders in Science imparts effective management skills and tools that are important for scientific leaders. In five modules of 2.5 days each, the participants improve their methodological skills and build a network where they can share their experiences from universities, research institutions, funding organizations, and foundations – far beyond the timeframe of the program. The modules feature small-group work, case studies, lectures, discussions, and best- as well as worst-practice examples.

Topics & Dates

Communication and Conflicts, Leadership and Cooperation in Teams
April 26–28, 2018 | Evangelische Bildungsstätte auf Schwanenwerder in Berlin

Staff Selection and (Appointment) Negotiations
June 21–23, 2018 | Hoffmanns Höfe in Frankfurt

Staff Management, Labor and Employment Law
October 11–13, 2018 | Klosterhotel Wöltingerode

Media Training and Science Communication
January 24–26, 2019 | Hoffmanns Höfe in Frankfurt

Project Management and Finances
March 28–30, 2019 | Evangelische Bildungsstätte auf Schwanenwerder in Berlin

The program will be conducted in German.

Participation Information

The programm addresses excellent young scientists in the field of the life sciences who have just assumed or about to assume a leadership position. The program accepts a maximum of 22 participants. Applications are not possible anymore.

The costs for the training program, accommodation and board are EUR 6,300 per participant. Every participant receives a partial stipend from the Ernst Schering Foundation reducing the participation fee to EUR 2,900 per participant. It is expected that this participation fee as well as the travel expenses will be paid by the participant’s home institution.

After completion of all modules, the Ernst Schering Foundation and the Center for Science & Research Management will issue a certificate of attendance.

If you have any queries, please contact:

Andrea Bölling | Project Manager, Science
Phone: +49 (0)30 20 62 29 60 | This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


“The program sensitizes young researchers to the many and diverse responsibilities that come with a leadership position in science. The various modules expand the repertoire of both internal and external leadership tools; they explore and deal with key factors when it comes to the conflicting priorities of research, administration, and leadership responsibilities. Among other things, I found that they have improved interviews with future staff members, conflict management within the team, and the communication with media representatives and research administrators.”

Dr. Sander Bekeschus
Leibniz Institute for Plasma Science and Technology






“Participation in the program is both an honor and a means of career advancement. Almost all alumni today hold professorships or other leadership positions in science. We are very happy about that.”

Dr. Katja Naie
Program Director, Science,
Ernst Schering Foundation


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