Philipp Lachenmann: DELPHI Rationale


Community Transcends Borders: MitOst Projects in 2006

Venturing across borders, learning from other nations, turning neighbors into friends—these are the goals of MitOst, an association established to promote cultural and language exchange in Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe. In 2006, the Ernst Schering Foundation once again supported several of its projects.

European Identity in the Border Areas between EU Member States and Their Non-EU Neighbors

Which identity develops in the border areas between the new EU members states and their non-EU neighbors? This was the topic of a one-week MitOst workshop in April 2006, which brought together participants from Hungary, Moldavia, Ukraine and Germany: From the Ukrainian seaport of Odessa, they drove to the Moldavian capital of Chisinau and then onwards to Pécs in Hungary, discussing this question with the inhabitants of each city.

MitOst Festival 2006

Things got quite lively in the Romanian city of Timisoara. At the big MitOst festival in September 2006, more than forty courses offered project management training for future leaders of volunteer projects—from A like Application to W like Workshop Funding. At the same time, MitOst celebrated its tenth anniversary with some 400 of its 1,600 members.

Law Without Justice? Democracy, Law and Politics in the Age of Globalization

Is there a place for questions of justice in the globalized market economy? Is there a right to freedom? Questions such as these were discussed in November 2006 in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev. Students, doctoral candidates and lecturers from Belarus, Ukraine and Germany participated in a conference and workshop that focused on democracy, law and politics in the age of globalization.


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