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Ernst Schering Prize 1994

Prof. Dr. Bert Vogelstein

The Ernst Schering Prize 1994 will be awarded to Professor Bert Vogelstein of The John Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD. The decision was reached by the Board of Trustees of the Ernst Schering Research Foundation, which annually presents the DM 75,000 prize. The prize will be presented on December 14, 1994, in a ceremony to be held in the lecture hall of Schering AG in Berlin.

Professor Vogelstein receives the award for his pioneering work in the field of molecular genetics, which have significantly contributed to our understanding of the origins of colon cancer. The Ernst Schering Research Foundation has been in existence since 1991. Its objective is to promote basic scientific research, with an emphasis on medical research. In addition to awarding the Ernst Schering Prize and supporting young scientists, it organizes lectures and symposia.


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