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camera orfeo

an auto-choreographic and media composition by Penelope Wehrli

May 31, 2008, Radialsystem V, Berlin | In her expansive installation "camera orfeo," the artist Penelope Wehrli deals with the neuronal processes of remembering, erasing and creating anew.

In "camera orfeo," the artist Penelope Wehrli deals with neuronal processes of remembering, erasing and creating anew. Endoscopic images of the vocal cords of a singer while singing, the aria "Possento spirito"/"Orfeo son lo" by Claudio Monteverdi and, among other things, video images of dancers are fed into a circular system - which is controlled through the random movements of the visitors. The musical, choreographic and visual source material is constantly recombined and transformed into a kaleidoscope of images and sounds through the use of cameras that register what goes on in the exhibition and performance space. The musical structure of the aria has a loop-like character. The loops appear to be endless, but the material is limited: no sequence can be played twice in the same version. The existing material is used up by the visitors. Their movements determine the end and the beginning of the piece. Each performance is therefore unique.

Additional information can be found in the press release issued by Radialsystem or at www.radialsystem.de.

Tickets for EUR 12 (discounted tickets: EUR 8) can be bought online
at www.radialsystem.de or at the ticket office of RADIALSYSTEM V.

Ticket office hours:
Tue-Sun: 12 noon - 7 p.m. / box office opens 1 hour prior to the performance
Ticket reservation by phone:
Tue-Sun: 12 noon - 7 p.m., +49 (0) 30 288 788 588


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