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Looking to Nature: Cooperation and Divergence between Art and Science

The 5th Forum on Science and Art is devoted to the young scientific discipline of bionics. The view to nature here refers to the discovery of structures and processes in the living world that can subsequently be used to solve technical problems in the natural and engineering sciences, but also in architecture and design. The focus here is on the systematic search for structural and organizational principles of the living world that can be applied to technological artefacts. In the arts, nature also continues to be a central category, though not as a model to imitate, but as a source of inspiration.


As part of an exhibition on "Prototypes: Bionics and Looking to Nature" at the Max Liebermann Haus of the Stiftung Brandenburger Tor [Brandenburg Gate Foundation], artists and scientists will meet on July 24, 2008, to discuss expert opinions on the topic of bionics.
Participation in the Forum on Science and Art is by invitation only.

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