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Starting in 2008, the Ernst Schering Foundation will sponsor the Albrecht Hasinger Lecture of the German Rheumatism Research Center (DRFZ).

Since 1994, the Albrecht Hasinger Lecture has been held in memory of Albrecht Hasinger, former State Secretary at the Berlin Senate Department for Health and one of the founders, and the first president of the Board of Trustees, of the DRFZ. The lecture is also the opening event of the annual further education program of the Charité Berlin for rheumatologists from all over Germany.

Albrecht-Hasinger-Lecture 2016

Mary B. Goldring, PhD

Hospital for Special Surgery and Weill Cornell Medical College, New York City, NY, USA
“The elusive search for a target in osteoarthritis therapy: Lessons from in vitro and in vivo models”

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Albrecht-Hasinger-Lecture 2015

Professor Michael L. Dustin

Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology in Oxford, UK
„Mechanisms of information transfer at immunological synapses“

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Albrecht-Hasinger-Lecture 2014

Professor Frank P. Luyten

Division of Rheumatology, University Hospitals Leuven & Skeletal Biology and Engineering Research Center, KU Leuven, Leuven, Belgium

“Reconstruction of the Joint: from Development to Engineering”


Albrecht-Hasinger-Lecture 2013

Professor Tom W. J. Huizinga

„Immunological Features of the development of RA over time”


Albrecht-Hasinger-Lecture 2012

Professor Mark J. Shlomchik

“Lupus Pathogenesis: B vs. DC and Other NET Results”


Albrecht-Hasinger-Lecture 2011

Dr. Peter E. Lipsky, Charlottesville, VA, USA

„Development of New Therapeutics for Rheumatic Diseases“


Albrecht-Hasinger-Lecture 2010

Professor Paul-Peter Tak, University of Amsterdam

„Rheumatoid arthritis: from pathogenesis towards prevention of immune-mediated inflammatory disease“


Albrecht-Hasinger-Lecture 2009

Professor Cornelia Weyand, Stanford University

“The Immune System in Rheumatoid Arthritis – In Need for Rejuvenation”


Albrecht-Hasinger-Lecture 2008

Professor Steffen Gay

"Epigenetics in Rheumatoid Arthritis”



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