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Collaborations in the Field of Science

In the field of science, the Ernst Schering Foundation focuses its funds on its own funding programs and projects.

Please note our current calls for nominations:

Friedmund Neumann Prize 2018

Young Leaders in Science 2018/19

Before submitting your cooperation request to the Ernst Schering Foundation, please note that our funds have already been allocated for 2018 and please make sure that your project meets the following criteria:

What we do fund:

  • projects at the interface of different natural scientific disciplines or of natural science and art
  • projects that promote and connect young scientists
  • projects that promote the dialogue between science and society
  • project funding is contingent on the nonprofit status of the applying, German-based organization

What we do not fund:
  • research projects (outside our own programs)
  • individual fellowships outside of our own fellowship programs (no stipends for pupils, bachelor’s or master’s degree students, doctoral candidates or postdocs, no travel stipends)
  • institutional funding
  • printing subsidies for publications
  • individual travel or staff allowances outside of a project funding
  • costs for attending congresses, conferences or workshops/training seminars
  • projects that require long-term funding from the Foundation


Please submit your inquiry including the following documents by email to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it :

  • pdf cooperation request form (please save first, then open and fill in the form)
  • budget and financing plan (confirmed and requested funding)

Please note that we can only process cooperation requests that are submitted in PDF format (no more than 10 MB). Please do not submit your cooperation request and/or application as several emails.

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