Philipp Lachenmann: DELPHI Rationale



In the field of science, the Ernst Schering Foundation focuses its activities on the life- and natural sciences. It organizes and sponsors scientific symposia and lecture series on selected science topics as well as panel discussions, lectures and forums that promote the dialogue between science and society. In 2006, the Ernst Schering Foundation initiated the further education program “Young Leaders in Science,” which provides the necessary management qualifications to young scientists who take on their first leadership positions.

In order to give you an idea of the activities of the Ernst Schering Foundation in the field of science, the following pages will introduce you to important projects that the Foundation has initiated or organized since its establishment.

RNAi Symposium der Schering Stiftung in 2005


The Unseen Universe (An Introduction to Particle Physics)

26.04.2018, Berlin | For his video work DELPHI Rationale, the artist Philipp Lachenmann filmed at the...

DOME – Our Relationship with the Cosmos

25.04.2018, Berlin | The interdisciplinary art project DOME invites you to engage with “cosmic realities” at...

Alfred Kerr Acting Prize 2018

25.04.2018, Berlin | The Alfred Kerr Acting Prize has been awarded annually since 1991 as part...