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Funding for Projects in the Field of Arts and Culture

In the field of arts and culture, the Ernst Schering Foundation supports the contemporary visual arts, dance and theater as well as contemporary classical music. An overview of our Programs & Projects in the arts is available here.

Our regional funding focus is on Berlin. In addition, we also fund projects of international importance and reach that are carried out outside of Berlin.

Before submitting your application to the Ernst Schering Foundation, please make sure that your project meets the following criteria:

What we do fund:

Projects in the contemporary visual arts, dance and theater, and contemporary classical music, e.g., exhibitions by outstanding artists and (first) performances of important compositions, choreographies or plays. A particular focus is on interdisciplinary artistic approaches, especially at the interface with science.

Our project funding is contingent on the nonprofit status of the applying, German-based organization.

What we do not fund:

  • projects outside of Berlin, unless at least a part of the project is scheduled to take place in Berlin
  • film
  • literature
  • architecture
  • preservation of historic monuments or buildings and construction projects
  • cultural journalism
  • humanities
  • individual fellowships outside of our own fellowship programs
  • printing subsidies for publications
  • institutional sponsoring
  • costs for attending conferences, symposia, continuing education or training seminars
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