On the Far Side of the Marchlands - Ausstellung in der Schering Stiftung



The Ernst Schering Foundation accepts applications once a year.

Deadline: June 15 (for projects to be carried out in the following year)

Please note that projects can only be carried out in the year following the year of application! We no longer accept applications for 2017.

Information about what is eligible for funding is available here:
Arts & Culture

In the field of science, it is not possible to apply for funding for individual projects. Please click here to learn about possibilities for cooperation.

Please submit your application including the following documents:

1. pdf Application form*
2. Information about the applicant (individual/institution)
3. Detailed project description
4. Time schedule
5. Projected public relations activities (publications, brochures, etc.)
6. Total cost of project
7. Detailed financial plan (please provide the names of additional sponsors and supporters;     enclose copies of acceptance letters, if applicable)
8. Letters of recommendation or expert opinions, if applicable

Please send your application by postal mail – we do not accept applications by e-mail! – by June 15 (date of postmark) to:

Ernst Schering Foundation
Heike Catherina Mertens
Unter den Linden 32-34
10117 Berlin

* The application form may not be displayed correctly in Mozilla/Firefox. In this case, please first save the form before opening it. Alternatively, you can open the form in Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.


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