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LIFE FLAG - News from Everywhere

06.10.2010, Berlin | On October 7–14, 2010, more than 70 embassies and consulates in Berlin will hoist the LIFE FLAG. Designed by Berlin-based artist Sabine Kacunko, the flag depicts bio‐molecular colored micro‐organisms. In the context of this year’s Year of Science and Unesco’s International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures, the artwork takes as its subject the precarious ecological, political, and economic balance in our time. The project is accompanied by an exhibition at the Robert Koch Forum and a live media performance at Berlin’s Schlossplatz. Involving Berlin’s major research institutions, the project is paradigmatic of the dialogue between art and science, which the Ernst Schering Foundation seeks to promote lastingly through its programs and activities.

LIFE FLAG_Russian Embassy

Via the dense network of embassies located in Berlin, the flags – whose uniform color and patterning is owed to ribosomes (RNA) that can be found in bacteria, plants, animals, and human beings – are intended to send a global message of shared sensitivity to the environmental and cultural concerns of our common home, planet Earth. Berlin, the European capital with the highest number of diplomatic missions, at the same time serves as a starting-point for further artistic activities, which will be spread via the global network of embassies and the Internet.

Live Media Performance
October 7-10, 2010
at night-time
Schlossplatz | Berlin-Mitte

The virtual LIFE FLAG will be put into motion live,
corresponding to our and the wind‐coordinates of the participating countries.

LIFE FLAG Exhibition
October 8-22, 2010

Mo-Fr from 3 to 8pm, Thu from 3 to 10pm
Dorotheenstraße 96 | 10117 Berlin

Opening Ceremony of the Exhibition
October 8, 2010 at 9pm

Under the direction of Prof. Alex Constantin the Humboldt Choir, Berlin will perform "Oceanobacillus pulvirenatus" or "Dusty rebirth", written by Ari Benjamin Meyers; this anthem has been specifically composed for this occasion.

World Health Summit 2010 | Opening Ceremony
October 10, 2010 (invitation only)

Supported by the Ernst Schering Foundation, Sabine Kacunko will show her art performance LIFE FLAG – “News from Everywhere”. Irina Urusova will present the LIFE FLAG-anthem “Oceanobacillus Pulvirenatus” composed by Ari Benjamin Meyers.

Media Installation
November 4-14, 2010
at nighttime
Martin-Gropius-Bau | Niederkirchnerstraße 7 / Stresemannstr. 110 | 10963 Berlin

Accompanying the program „WeltWissen. 300 Jahre Wissenschaften in Berlin", starting on November 4, 2010 from 5pm with the „Tag der Charité“  and "Wissen vor Ort“.

The art performance LIFE FLAG and the performance at the opening ceremony of the World Health Summit 2010 are presented in cooperation with Ernst Schering Foundation.



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