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World Health Summit 2010


On October 10-13, 2010, the Campus Charité Mitte of the Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin (Charité) hosted the second World Health Summit. Under the auspices of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy, the conference is organized by the Charité in cooperation with the M8 Alliance of Academic Health Centers and Medical Universities. The Ernst Schering Foundation supported the 2010 World Health Summit as an important international forum for discussing global challenges in the fields of health and research. During the opening ceremony of the Summit, Nobel Prize winner Ada E. Yonath presented the art project LIFE FLAG by artist Sabine Kacunko, which is also sponsored by the Ernst Schering Foundation.


For the second time, the World Health Summit under the direction of Prof. Dr. Karl Max Einhäupl (Chief Executive Officer, Charité), Prof. Dr. Detlev Ganten (Summit President, Charité Foundation) and Prof. Dr. Stephen K. Smith (Summit President, Imperial College London) brought together leading experts from medicine, science, government, business, and civil society to discuss the most important challenges in medical research and health care and to develop strategic solutions. In a number of working sessions, sponsored by, among others, the Ernst Schering Foundation, the participants of the World Health Summit developped results and recommendations which were made available to decision-makers in government, business, research, and health care systems.

World Health Summit 2010 | Opening Ceremony

October 10, 2010 (invitation only)
Nobel Prize winner Ada E. Yonath will present the art project LIFE FLAG by artist Sabine Kacunko, which is also sponsored by the Ernst Schering Foundation. Irina Urusova will present the LIFE FLAG-anthem “Oceanobacillus Pulvirenatus”, composed by Ari Benjamin Meyers.


Topics of the World Health Summit 2010:

- Megacities: Opportunities and Challenges for Health
- Responding to the Increasing Complexity in Medical Research: Structural and Organizational Requirements
- The Efficiency Challenge: Improving Quality and Productivity in Healthcare
- Global Health: Multiple Players, Multiple Visions - Challenges and Opportunities

Panelists of the World Health Summit 2010:

Francis Collins (Director, US National Institutes of Health)
Francoise Barré-Sinoussi (Nobel Prize winner 2008)
Bernard Kouchner (Foreign Minister, France)
Christopher A. Viehbacher (CEO, sanofi-aventis)
Ada E. Yonath (Nobel Prize winner 2009)
Luc Montagnier (Nobel Prize winner 2008)
Philipp Rösler (Federal Minister of Health, Deutschland)
Joe Jimenez (CEO, Novartis)
Sir Michael Rawlins (Chairman, NICE, UK)
Gilbert Bukenya (Vice-President, Uganda)

Langenbeck-Virchow-Haus | Luisenstraße 56 | 10117 Berlin

For the complete program please click here.

For questions, comments and feedback please contact:

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1 World Health Summit Secretariat
2 World Health Summit / Jens Jeske



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