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ENTROPIA – Festival on Entropy in Performance and Science

How much energy a day does a human being need? Is it society or the individual who controls the amount of energy s/he uses? Taking place in the Year of Science 2010 – The Future of Energy, the festival ENTROPIA explores the social opportunities and environmental consequences of the degradation and transformation of energy. For four days, international artists and scientists present their positions on the disappearance, waste, and exploitation of resources. SOAPRA_Mathilde_Monnier_Dominique_Figarella

Held at the Radialsystem V on November 11-14, 2010, the festival provides a wholly new perspective on the physical phenomenon of “entropy” – the process of the degradation or dissipation of energy during its use. It does not focus on an apocalyptic nightmare scenario of the Earth’s “heat death,” but on the concrete opportunities for energy, environmental, and social change, sustainability, and productivity. What is necessary today is to accept the challenges of entropy and integrate them into contemporary ways of thinking about energy.

Conceived as a dialogue between scientists and artists from a variety of disciplines, the interdisciplinary festival ENTROPIA fits in wonderfully with the program of the Ernst Schering Foundation. Lecture performances, art projects, and international dance productions are on a par with lectures by scientists and cultural researchers. The concept convinced the Ernst Schering Foundation to get actively involved as a collaborating organization and to support the project.

The ENTROPIA festival was planned as part of the Year of Science 2010 – The Future of Energy. Together with many partners in research, science, business, and the arts, the Year of Science makes visible the commitment and creativity of energy researchers working towards solutions for a sustainable energy supply.

ENTROPIA is supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the Daimler Benz Foundation, and the Ernst Schering Foundation. The festival is organized by the association KUNST-SToFF e.V. and prototypen-ausstellungen, and curated by Judica Albrecht, Nicola Schössler, Alexander Moers, Marcus Peter, and Dr. Barbara Gronau.

ENTROPIA – Festival on Entropy in Performance and Science | November 11–14, 2010

Radialsystem V
Holzmarktstr. 33 | 10243 Berlin

The Festival Pass for all events (€50, discounted pass: €38) and individual tickets (from €5 to €18) are available by phone (030–288 788 588) or online at For more information about ticket sales, click here.

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