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Fellows Meeting 2011

In keeping with the Foundation’s goal of promoting the dialogue between scientists and artists from different disciplines and ways of thinking, this year’s event will be entitled “Creativity in Art and Science.” Besides examining the conditions for creativity, the presentations and interdisciplinary discussions will feature scientists, artists, and funders and focus on questions related to funding and career management as well as the role of the image in art and science. The invited speakers promise to provide interesting and stimulating insights and thoughts for discussion. In addition to selected fellows, the guest speakers from the fields of science and art will include:

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Kurth
Chairman of the Foundation Council of the Ernst Schering Foundation and former President of the Robert Koch Institute, Berlin

Prof. Dr. Günter Stock
President of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities

Julian Klein
Director, !KF – Institute for Artistic Research

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Elmar W. Weiler
President of the University of Bochum

Prof. Dr. Horst Bredekamp
Professor of Art History, Humboldt University of Berlin

Prof. Dr. Regine Hengge
Professor of Microbiology, Free University of Berlin

Prof. Mischa Kuball
Professor of Holography/Light Art, Academy of Media Arts, Cologne

Prof. Dr. Andreas Radbruch
Scientific Director, German Rheumatism Research Center, Berlin

One of the highlights of this year’s program will be a musical performance by Ruslan Vilensky, violoncellist and former scholarship recipient of the Orchestra Academy of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. His presentation will deal with the conditions for creativity in music.

In his introductory lecture entitled “The Ernst Schering Foundation: An Unusual Example of a Public-Private Partnership,” Professor Günter Stock, president of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities and co-founder of the Ernst Schering Research Foundation, will look back on, and take stock of, the 20-year-old history of funding science and art by the Ernst Schering Research Foundation and, since 2002, by the Ernst Schering Foundation.

In addition, the science fellows will have the opportunity to participate in Working Sessions where they will be able to present their research and projects and expand the ever-growing international network of outstanding researchers. Smaller groups will present and discuss research findings in neuroscience, chemistry, and gene regulation/stem cell research.

The Fellows Meeting of the Ernst Schering Foundation is not open to the public. The conference language is English.

For more information about the doctoral fellowships and the Fellows Meetings of the Ernst Schering Foundation, click here.


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