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La Mère Perdue

18.02.2013, Berlin | On March 14, at 7 p.m., the exhibition Elmar Hess: La Mère Perdue will open at the Saarländische Galerie – Europäisches Kunstforum e.V. Designed specifically for this space, the installation explores the question of whether value judgments and cultural meaning can be objectifiable. The work takes as its starting point a historical event: In 1962, the painting of the “Mona Lisa” was brought to the United States for an exhibition – on board the ocean liner France. In Hess’ installation, this is related to an autobiographical event in his life, i.e. his encounter with the France that took place decades later.

La Mère Perdue

In Hess’ work, the personal significance of this defining moment is juxtaposed to the more general cultural significance of the Mona Lisa.

In the work of Elmar Hess (*1966), private conflicts are conveyed as a result of technological and systemic forces. Individual events are equated with a fantasy cascade of historical and political events.
Hess’ work comprises film and video as well as multimedia installations that consist of the staging of thematically interconnected rooms. They provide the installations with a chapter structure comparable to the dramaturgical structure of a movie. The individual rooms deal with subtopics that formulate the overarching statement.

The Ernst Schering Foundation was very impressed by the exhibition concept of La Mère Perdue and the artistic quality of Elmar Hess’ works and is delighted to make a small contribution to the show.

La Mère Perdue

Opening: Thursday, March 14, 2013, at 7 p.m.
Duration: March 15–April 28, 2013

Tuesday through Sunday: 3–7 p.m. Free admission.

Saarländische Galerie – Europäisches Kunstforum e.V.
Am Festungsgraben 1
10117 Berlin

For more information, please contact the Ernst Schering Foundation by phone at +49-(0)30-20 62 29 60 or visit the Saarländische Galerie’s website at


Photo: © Elmar Hess


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