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Meet the expert

26.06.2014, Berlin | The Max Planck International Research Network on Aging has started a new series of events where young scientists have the opportunity to meet experts from various disciplines. In Meet the Expert, as the series is called, an experienced scientist is invited at each meeting to give a talk, proceeded by a discussion. There follows an informal setting where young scientists have the opportunity to meet the expert and talk with him or her about issues such as the next career steps, career prospects after PhD completion and Post-Doc employment, and stays abroad.

Meet the Expert

Organized under the auspices of the Max Planck Society, the Max Planck International Research Network on Aging (MaxNetAging) provides a platform for international cooperation endeavors between 20 Max Planck institutes, a Max Planck Research Group, and outstanding scholars from other institutes. The declared aim of the network, interdisciplinary in nature, is to research into the causes, patterns, processes, and consequences of aging.
The interdisciplinary network gathers scientists from various different disciplines, ranging from cognitive science, neuroscience, biology, mathematics, economics and demography to art history, human development, and sociology.
At the heart of MaxNetAging is a Research School, consisting of a doctoral and postdoctoral stipend program.
Two central tasks of the Max Planck International Research Network on Aging and specifically the Max Planck Planck International Research School are to stimulate interdisciplinary networking and exchange and to provide participants with cross-disciplinary skills and knowledge.
"'Meet the Expert' helps us to accomplish these two tasks," says André Schmandke, Deputy Director of MaxNetAging.
The Ernst Schering Foundation supports the project because we aim to support young scientists in their academic careers and focus on interdisciplinary events like this one.


For more info, please contact the Ernst Schering Foundation at 030-20 62 29 60 or visit


Photo: © MPIDR, Rostock


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