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A Medical Perspective on Musicians’ Work Places

02.09.2014, Berlin | The 2014 symposium of the German Association for Music Physiology and Musicians' Medicine (DGfMM) will take place on September 26th and 27th in cooperation with Kassel’s Academy of Music “Louis Spohr”. The symposium, which is sponsored by the Ernst Schering Foundation, will consist of lectures, interdisciplinary dialogue and case studies pertaining to the thematic focus “A Medical Perspective on Musicians’ Work Places”.

Symposium Musikerphysiologie

Discussion topics at the symposium will include the causes, prevention and therapeutic treatment of pain syndromes among musicians; aspects of workplace health promotion for the orchestra and the stage; the complexity of issues related to the stresses on and preservation of hearing for musicians; the challenges and responsibilities of musical training institutions concerning the preparation for future work as a musician; and several interesting cases from consultations in the field of musicians’ medicine.

This event is interdisciplinary and directed towards physicians from various specializations, physical therapists, psychotherapists, orchestra musicians, instrument and voice instructors, and anyone who offers support and assistance to students of music or to professional musicians.

The DGfMM is a clinically and scientifically oriented professional organization that is nonetheless multidisciplinary and has been concerned with the physiological and psychological aspects of music-making for the last 20 years. Its primary engagements are in the areas of prevention, education, clinical work and research concerning the stresses and illnesses specific to musicians, and its goals include the long-term maintenance of healthfulness and the provision of competent medical support for musicians.

A complete program, as well as the registration form and other information are available on the website www.dgfmm.org.

A Medical Perspective on Musicians’ Work Places

13th Symposium and 20-Year Anniversary of the German Association for Music Physiology and Musicians' Medicine (DGfMM)
September 26th and 27th, 2014
Kassel Town Hall
Obere Königsstr. 8 | 34117 Kassel

Organized in cooperation with the Kassel State Theater, the Music Academy of Detmold and the Orchesterzentrum NRW.

Photos: DGfMM e.V.

Symposium Musikerphysiologie



Symposium Musikerphysiologie


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