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27.04.2015, Berlin | MINDEPENDENCE was conceived and developed upon the realization of the deepening crisis of media freedom, even in countries that pride themselves on being democracies and respecting the UN Plan of Action on the Safety of Journalists and Impunity (2012). The initiator of the project, Martha Bouziouri, received basic funding from the Ernst Schering Foundation in the form of a matching fund through the competition kultur-im-dialog.eu+, awarded annually in cooperation with MitOst e. V., and started a crowdfunding campaign in June. We kindly ask you to contribute to this project!

MINDEPENDENCE will produce a documentary web series in selected priority countries, each featuring a particular media organization as a vehicle to guide us through the challenges, risks and methods of practicing media independence in a local context. Each mini-documentary (mini-doc) will be additionally framed with experts’ inputs and citizens’ views. As a starting point, three countries have been selected – Hungary, Turkey, and Egypt – based on the occurrence of censorship, state control and violations against media freedom. All outputs will be available at the project’s website, providing a user-friendly interface and vivid documentation. MINDEPENDENCE aspires, among other goals, to inform the audience about the methods and risks of practicing media independence, to facilitate cross-border exchange of practices and challenges between media-organizations, and to empower young journalists, IT specialists and other independent experts with the values of pro-transparency and anti-corruption journalism. As a next step, the project seeks to continue its actions in succeeding countries of priority, as voted by the audience.

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