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Double Room – a Four-Part Exhibition Series at KW Berlin

23.11.2015, Berlin | On December 5, at 7 p.m., the KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin hosts the last opening in the four-part exhibition series DOUBLE ROOM, which has been conceived by students of the master’s program on “Curatorial Studies – Theory – History – Criticism” at Goethe University Frankfurt and the Städelschule – State Academy of Fine Arts. The exhibitions present two artistic positions that collaborate in the confines of a small space. Carola Keitel and Hannes Seidl make everyday control and exclusion mechanisms visually, physically, and acoustically perceptible. On the opening evening, at 8 p.m., a concert of experimental contemporary music by Sebastian Berweck, Maximilian Marcoll, and Hannes Seidl will take place at KW’s Chora.

Double Room

The exhibition series “DOUBLE ROOM” combines two artistic positions in each of the four consecutive exhibitions, thus highlighting the collaborative process of the series. The forms of collaboration range from juxtaposing existing artworks to new joint productions. Room 3 ½ provides the frame of reference; located between the third and fourth floor, the space is characteristically isolated within the institution. The various connections between the artworks – whether objects, material assemblages, sound or video installations – arise from the dialogical structure and are further enhanced by the spatial proximity of multiple actors. The space is hence at times perceived as an exhibition room, then again as a large-scale installation dissolving boundaries between work and spectator. The artists George Rippon & Anina Troesch, Rosa Aiello & Cooper Jacoby, Rasmus Søndergaard Johannsen & Filippa Pettersson, and Carola Keitel & Hannes Seidl successively move into the “DOUBLE ROOM,” constantly appropriating the space and redefining its content. The Ernst Schering Foundation supports the project, since it aims to promote young curators.

DOUBLE ROOM – Exhibition Series

December 5, 2015, 7 pm

Previous openings: September 15, October 9, and November 6, 2015

KW Institute for Contemporary Art
Auguststr. 69 | 10117 Berlin

Curated by:
Students of the Master’s Program on “Curatorial Studies – Theory – History – Criticism”

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Further information: KW Berlin

Opening Hours:
Wed – Mon 12 noon – 7 pm, Thu 12 noon – 9 pm, closed on Tuesdays

Photo: © Doppelzimmer, commons.wikimedia.org



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