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14th International MitOst Festival

26.09.2016, Tbilisi | The 14th International MitOst Festival will take place in Tbilisi, Georgia, on October 5–9, 2016. The festival brings together some 300 activists, members, fellows, and partners in the field of cultural and civic exchange from the MitOst network and offers around 100 events, including cultural activities, trainings, and networking opportunities. It also presents "Better Together" and "Multi Culti," the winning projects of this year’s kultur-im-dialog.eu+ competition, which the Ernst Schering Foundation has organized annually in cooperation with MitOst e.V.

MitOst-Festival 2015

MitOst-Festival 2016

The festival is the highlight of the MitOst year. In 2016, MitOst e.V. is, moreover, celebrating its 20th anniversary. This year’s theme is “diversity,” with a focus on the opportunities of an open, tolerant, and inclusive society. In addition, the festival addresses the following topics:

• Sustainable urban development
• Reconciliation and conflict resolution
• Capacity building
• The future of democracy in Europe
• Social transformation processes, especially in Georgia

The program features workshops, discussions, lectures, readings, presentations, film screenings, exhibitions, guided city tours, performances, concerts, and parties, as well as the MitOst members’ assembly.

14th International MitOst Festival

October 5–9, 2016, Tbilisi

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