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Artist Talk: Jens Brand in conversation with Volker Straebel

Artist talk (in German)
Wednesday, January 11, 2017, 6 p.m.

Schering Stiftung
Unter den Linden 32–34 | 10117 Berlin

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The musicologist Volker Straebel will speak with artist Jens Brand about his sound installation “TETRAKTYS,” whch is formed  of four aerial drones. “TETRAKTYS” refers to the Pythagorean “harmony of the spheres” and resulting notions of the “musica mundana” (Boethius) and “harmonice mundi” (Johannes Kepler), which once served as a universal model for explaining the order of the cosmos.

Jens Brand: TETRAKTYS, exhibition view Schering Stiftung, Photo: Andreas Müller

Jens Brand (* 1968) studied fine arts at the Münster Academy of Fine Arts (1988–1994). Inspired by Phill Niblock and the artistic environment at Paul Panhuysen’s Het Apollohuis, he turned to experimental music and sound art. Since then, he has created a large number of installations, music performances, and cross-media works.

Volker Straebel (*1969) is musicologist and director of the Sound Studies Master’s program at the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK). He focuses on experimental and electro-acoustic music and sound art and has composed and performed electronic music.


1. Jens Brand: TETRAKTYS, exhibition view Ernst Schering Foundation, Photo: Andreas Müller

2. Portrait Volker Straebel, Photo: Kai Bienert,

Jens Brand


Volker Straebel, Photo: Kai Bienert


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