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Call for Applications: Young Investigator Fund for Innovative Research Ideas

22.03.2017, Berlin | The Ernst Schering Foundation offers start-up grants to fund promising research ideas by young scientists. Support is provided for projects in the fields of biochemical, neuroscience or immunological basic research with biomedical implications. The program is explicitly aimed at highly motivated young investigators who want to become independent researchers and pursue their own research ideas.

Applications for the “Young Investigator Fund” of the Ernst Schering Foundation may be submitted until May 15, 2017.


The Ernst Schering Foundation makes possible research projects of young scientists that cannot be realized with existing funds and resources and for which application for other funding is not possible because of a lack of preliminary research. The start-up grant thus lays the foundations for a subsequent DFG or similar grant application.

The Ernst Schering Foundation has earmarked a total of EUR 120,000 for this grant program. Applicants can apply for up to EUR 60,000 per project.

Further Information

pdf Data sheet including information on funding details, grant requirements, and the application process

pdf Application form


Contact for further information

Andrea Bölling
Project Manager, Science
Tel. 030-20 62 29 60
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