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Starting: Young Leaders in Science

11.04.2018, Berlin | Scientists today are increasingly confronted with management tasks, in addition to their research and teaching responsibilities. They are not taught the managerial basics, however, as part of their university education. To fill this gap, the Schering Stiftung, in cooperation with the Center for Science & Research Management in Speyer, conducts the well-established Young Leaders in Science program. The next training course will kick off on April 26, 2018, at the Evangelische Bildungsstätte at Schwanenwerder in Berlin with the first of five modules. The module will focus on communication and conflict management as well as on team leadership and teamwork.


“What communication techniques can I use to achieve my goals?,” “How do I deal with difficult communication situations?” or “How do I get my research team to collaborate in a collegial and effective manner?”

During the three-day workshop, 22 young leaders from science institutions from all over Germany will discuss these questions and explore the topics both theoretically and through role plays and other practical exercises. The exchange of experiences will be especially significant because of the participants’ different fields of activity.

For more information on the program and on the topics of the remaining modules, please click here.

Photos: Andreas Müller © Schering Stiftung





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