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Art Collection

The Ernst Schering Foundation and the Berlin Museum of Prints and Drawings cooperate to build a collection of contemporary art on paper

Since July 2006, the Ernst Schering Foundation has an art collection of mostly Berlin-based artists from the collection of the Foundation’s corporate donor. As early as the 1960s, Schering AG began to purchase and commission works of art. During the take-over of Schering AG by Bayer AG in 2006, a part of the then existing art collection, together with the company museum, was transferred to the Ernst Schering Foundation as an endowment contribution.

In 2008, the Ernst Schering Foundation decided to continue expanding its art collection, from the perspective of its ties with Berlin. In October 2008, it signed a long-term cooperation agreement with Peter-Klaus Schuster, then director general of the State Museums of Berlin, to build a collection of contemporary works on paper. The Ernst Schering Foundation has since been acquiring drawings and prints by international artists working in or connected to Berlin for the Berlin Museum of Prints and Drawings. The works are on permanent loan to the State Museums of Berlin.

In 2013 the acquired art works were presented to the public for the first time in the exhibtion System and Sensuality. The Ernst Schering Foundation Collection – Contemporary Art from Tom Chamberlain to Jorinde Voigt at the Berlin Museum of Prints and Drawings.

Kunstsammlung der Schering Stiftung


Kunstsammlung der Schering Stiftung




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